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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
(Children ages 3-5, Not attending kindergarten)

What is The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)?

This program was started in Rome 60 years ago with the belief that even young children can have a conscious and intimate relationship with God. It provides hands-on experiences to help children discover their faith.


Where is CGS held?

CGS is held in a space called an Atrium, where all materials are child-sized, simple and on shelves low enough for children to reach.


What are the ages allowed?

The materials are designed for children ages 3-5, not attending kindergarten.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

My child is not completely potty-trained. Can he/she still come?

No. We do not have enough staff to take care of these types of accidents during our program.


We are not Sacred Heart parishioners. Can we still register our children?

Yes, you are more than welcome to register your children. However, due to limited availability, we take our parishioners first.


My child has food allergies. Will there be food served?

No, not even for holidays. However, we do use flour to make bread in the Parable of the Leaven station.


I bring my grandchild with me to church occasionally. Can they attend?

Timing in the Atrium is very important. Most presentations revolve around the Liturgical Calendar. Therefore, a child attending once a month will miss connections between stations as the year progresses. To get the full benefit of the Atrium, children should attend regularly and begin with the first date.


My child has not yet been baptized. Can they still participate?

If you are a Sacred Heart parishioner or currently in our RCIA program, then yes.


My child attends kindergarten in a public school. Should my child be registered for PSR or CGS?

Once a child is in kindergarten, they should attend PSR.

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