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Confirmation Ceremony takes place at Rosary Cathedral in Toledo on April 10th the 10:00 am.


Confirmandi Recognition at Sacred Heart Parish **Certificate presentation during Mass and reception to follow - April 11th at the 11:00 am mass.

For questions, please contact Shannon Stull

(419) 332- 7339/

Sponsor Sessions:

Candidates and Sponsors received the Faith to Faith magazine at the 7th grade Candidate/Sponsor meeting. This magazine offers 6 faith sharing discussions for candidates and sponsors.  Sponsors should read the "Sponsor pages" before discussions. Candidates need to record the date of each discussion and write one reflection from the discussion on the log sheet that was given to them along with the magazine.  If misplaced please see the link below for the form.  When all six sessions are completed, a PARENT signs at the top.  These discussions are to be completed over the next year and the log sheet is to be turned in at the 8th grade retreat next year.

Faith to Faith Instructions

​Faith to Faith Magazine - PASSWORD REQUIRED

  • Candidates and Sponsors received this magazine at the meeting.

  • If you are a candidate with a sponsor who lives far away, please contact Shannon Stull for the password.  You can email her at:

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