Ongoing Formation

Engaged Couples Conference

An experience-centered learning process for couples planning to marry in the Catholic Church. During the conference, engaged couples put into perspective and communicate with each other their individual and shared priorities, values and goals. Married team members share their experiences and challenges of married life. In dialogue with each other, other engaged and married couples, the engaged couple internalizes certain values of Christian marriage. Engaged Couples Conferences are held either as an all-day Saturday session or in two evening sessions.  For questions, please contact the parish office 419-332-7339

Information on upcoming conference will be posted soon.


Baptism Preparation Team

Composed of parents who share their faith and experiences with other parents bringing their children to Sacred Heart for baptism. Team members take turns attending the baptism preparation session and describe how they help their children grow in faith within the domestic church, the family.

Contact the parish office 419-332-7339



An annulment is a declaration by a church tribunal (court) that a couple's previous marriage lacked essential elements to be considered valid in the Catholic Church. A person seeks an annulment 1) to put closure on a former relationship, 2) to receive an internal spiritual reconciliation, or 3) to remarry within the Catholic Church. All information gathered as testimony is confidential and is only disclosed to tribunal personnel.  Contact the parish office 419-332-7339


Knights of Columbus

A fraternal insurance and social organization open to all Catholic men 18 years and older who are in good standing with the church. The K of C provides funds and manpower for charitable and community action programs, youth, the disadvantaged and area parishioners. Meetings are held second Thursday of each month at the K of C Hall, 226 N. Park Avenue, Fremont.  Contact Scott Mead 419-332-0221

Rosary Alter Society

An organization open to all women of the parish. The group assists others in need, provides help and donated food for parish events, and finances items for liturgical worship and religious education. It also supports the spiritual life of its members by encouraging devotion to Mary and the Blessed Sacrament. Meetings are held in meeting room B on the first Monday of each month. Contact the President: Suann Cunningham 419-334-3586

Small Faith-Sharing Communities

Provide a setting in which to prayerfully open ourselves to the grace of God and gather with others to share faith. Groups of 8-12 people meet in people's homes and are led by facilitator. During the group gatherings, the participants read and reflect on the Scriptures, pray together, share each other's lives and faith, and respond in action. Small communities may meet for 6 weeks in the fall and spring or meet throughout the year.  Contact the parish office 419-332-7339

Tri-Parish Women's Bible Study

Bible study begins on Thursday,

September 5, 2019. Call the office
for more information.


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